Monday, July 2, 2012

Kids Say The Cutest Things :)

Brandon had to spend a week up in Wiesbaden for work and Jay really missed his daddy. A few nights that he was gone, Brandon called just in time to say goodnight to Jay before I tucked him into bed. They had this convo on Thursday night and it seriously made me go "Awwww"

Jay: "Daddy where are you?"
Brandon: "I'm at work. I'm getting bad guys"
Jay: "When are you coming home?"
Brandon: "In a couple days buddy"
Jay: Daddy you need to come home"
Brandon: "I will soon"
Jay: "Daddy, its getting dark outside. You need to come home now"

Awwww :)

Last night Jay and I were laying in bed watching a movie when this convo took place:

Jay: *puts head between my chest and my belly and gently pushes down on my belly* "Momma, you need to put your belly down"
Me: *laughs* "I can't sweetie."
Jay: "Why not?"
Me: "Cuz Brooke is in there still"
Jay: "Well momma, when is she coming out? Your belly is in the way

Almost everyone knows, but I have a very big love/hate relationship with Brandon's dog Algo. He mostly drives me insane with his constant barking, jumping up on the glass back door, (what seems to be) purposefully walking and stopping in front of me and/or Jay, his constant begging for food, un-Godly amount of slobbering and drool - especially when he see's/hears his food being prepared for him and his inability to keep his bowels together when both Brandon and I leave. I will give him the little bit of doubt cuz he can be very cute when he wants to be. He can have the biggest brown eyes sometimes, be really sweet with Jay when he wants to be. Jay has also picked up on Algo's bipolar personalities and that is why the following convo was just too funny to me.

We were watching some movie or show on tv one afternoon that had a dog running and playing on it. Jay wasn't really even paying attention to what was happening on the show cuz he was too busy playing with Bella, but he did catch sight of the dog.

Jay: "Momma, I want a nice dog"
Me: *laughs* "What?"
Jay: "I want a nice dog. Algo is dumb dog"
Me: *laughs again* "oh really? is that so?"
Jay: "Yeah, he dumb and mean. I want that dog. That dog nice" 
Me: *chuckles* "Jaybers you are too funny"

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