Monday, July 2, 2012

Kids Say The Cutest Things :)

Brandon had to spend a week up in Wiesbaden for work and Jay really missed his daddy. A few nights that he was gone, Brandon called just in time to say goodnight to Jay before I tucked him into bed. They had this convo on Thursday night and it seriously made me go "Awwww"

Jay: "Daddy where are you?"
Brandon: "I'm at work. I'm getting bad guys"
Jay: "When are you coming home?"
Brandon: "In a couple days buddy"
Jay: Daddy you need to come home"
Brandon: "I will soon"
Jay: "Daddy, its getting dark outside. You need to come home now"

Awwww :)

Last night Jay and I were laying in bed watching a movie when this convo took place:

Jay: *puts head between my chest and my belly and gently pushes down on my belly* "Momma, you need to put your belly down"
Me: *laughs* "I can't sweetie."
Jay: "Why not?"
Me: "Cuz Brooke is in there still"
Jay: "Well momma, when is she coming out? Your belly is in the way

Almost everyone knows, but I have a very big love/hate relationship with Brandon's dog Algo. He mostly drives me insane with his constant barking, jumping up on the glass back door, (what seems to be) purposefully walking and stopping in front of me and/or Jay, his constant begging for food, un-Godly amount of slobbering and drool - especially when he see's/hears his food being prepared for him and his inability to keep his bowels together when both Brandon and I leave. I will give him the little bit of doubt cuz he can be very cute when he wants to be. He can have the biggest brown eyes sometimes, be really sweet with Jay when he wants to be. Jay has also picked up on Algo's bipolar personalities and that is why the following convo was just too funny to me.

We were watching some movie or show on tv one afternoon that had a dog running and playing on it. Jay wasn't really even paying attention to what was happening on the show cuz he was too busy playing with Bella, but he did catch sight of the dog.

Jay: "Momma, I want a nice dog"
Me: *laughs* "What?"
Jay: "I want a nice dog. Algo is dumb dog"
Me: *laughs again* "oh really? is that so?"
Jay: "Yeah, he dumb and mean. I want that dog. That dog nice" 
Me: *chuckles* "Jaybers you are too funny"

Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Buy Toys When There's Boxes!

Jay has officially outgrown his 2nd car seat. So we went to the BX in search of a new one for him. The next car seat up for him is the booster seat with a high back that can be removed when he gets big enough and just be a booster seat. The BX had none of these kind of seats.

So off we went to Babies R Us. Here in Germany, Babies R Us is inside Toys R Us. A little annoying and frustrating since we had Jay with us, but it wasn't too bad. We quickly found the booster seat we liked the best and then told Jay that he could pick out ONE toy since he had been good. He walked up and down all the toy aisles and *finally* decided on a pretty cool tractor that had a trailer with it. He was so excited about his new toy that he couldn't even wait till we got home to open it that he ended up ripping open the box himself and getting the tractor out.

We got home pretty quickly and Brandon took out the new booster seat from the box. As soon as the seat was out of the box, the very same tractor that Jay had been SO excited to play with was *very quickly* forgotten. And this big box has been, no kidding, the center of playing for Jay and Bella the last week. 

Brandon even asked "Why are we buying Jay toys? All we need to do is get a box. Shoot. We could even just wrap an empty box for Christmas and he would be so excited to un-wrap it and then to play in it. We could save hundreds!" ... I think he may be onto something here ;) :) haha.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Daddies the Champion and Sweet Kisses :)

Brandon has pretty much brain washed Jay into thinking "Daddy is the Champion!!" and every time Brandon gets the chance, he looks at Jay and says "Who's the champion Jay?" and Jay will always reply "Daddy!!". The other day Jay asked me very nicely to make him some chocolate milk so I agreed to. When I was done, I held the sippy cup up and asked him "Who's the champion?" to which he replied "Daddy!" of course. I said "No, Jay, who's the champion?" and again he said "Daddy!". I lightly laughed, shook the sippy cup and said "No, Jay, who really is the champion?" to which he replied "Mommy!". I laughed, gave him a kiss and said "That's right!" and gave him his sippy cup. He took a drink and then said "Daddies the champion!". I laughed, took the sippy cup away from him and said "Jay! who's the champion!?" And he said "Daddy!". I said "No, lets try this again, who's the champion?" to which he replied this time "ME!". I laughed and smiled at him and said "Yeah, that works too" and gave him back his sippy cup. He took another drink, looked at me, gave me a sly smile and said "Daddies the champion!". I seriously couldn't help but laugh and said "You traitor, get out of here" and he just laughed the whole way out of the kitchen, haha.
This evening after dinner, Jay and Bella were sitting under the grill side by side, just sitting there being cute little kids when Brandon looks over and says "look at Bella". We all look over just in time to see Bella with kissy lips leaning towards Jayden. Davidson (Bella's daddy) yells "BELLA! Stop it!!" and both littles look over at us with a surprised look on their faces. Nicky told Jay to let Bella kiss him and he says "NO! No kisses!" And jumps up and starts running away. All us parents just started laughing, it was seriously TOO funny!!
Brandon & Davidson decided to have some "guy time" this evening and play video games. Jay of course wanted to play also but Brandon told him no, but that he could play games on his phone as long as I sat near him and made sure he didn't delete any of his apps. So Jay came into the kitchen as I was doing dishes from dinner, and asked if he could play games on daddies phone. I told him yes, but that I needed to finish the dishes first and then he could play. He replied "ok mommy" and then just stood there. I cleaned a plate or two and then looked over at him and said "Jay, what are you doing?" and he said "Waiting for you mommy". I smiled at him and said "aww, Jay, are you being my patient little boy?" and he said "big boy, mommy, I'm big!" :) He definitely is my big boy! So then he started asking me if I was done after every dish I cleaned so I had him start helping me by putting stuff away or throwing things in the trash, and you could see that little twinkle in his eye because he was being helpful. I honestly love that! Now let's just hope he keeps that attitude up and continues to be my patient BIG boy! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Bite is *MINE!*

Let me pre-face this with this little fact: Brandon is *always* trying to steal the last bite of whatever Jay and I have all the time. It doesn't matter what it is, or if Brandon even knows what it is, it doesn't matter. If it's the last bite, he *will* try and steal it from us.

Saturday night Brandon made some *amazing* steaks for dinner. And surprisingly, Jayden was ALL about them. He ate probably a third of my steak before he finally decided he was full. Now these steaks were a pretty good size. Brandon still had about 1/2 his steak left over and I still had about 1/4 of my steak left over when we were all done.

Sunday afternoon Brandon decides he wants his left over steak for lunch. So he heats it up, sits at the table and starts to eat it. Jayden, being the little birdy that he is, see's daddy eating his lunch and askes him if he can have some. Brandon gave him a couple bites, I think partially expecting him to go away afterwards. Brandon was just about to eat the last bite. He was finishing chewing the bite that was in his mouth and was just about to eat it. It was on his fork and everything, when Jay runs up from behind him, snatches it off his fork and puts it in his mouth and runs off to the corner in the front room! Brandon just sat there, mouth gaping open, couldn't believe what Jay had just done. He looks over at me, tells me what happened and I just started busting up laughing. 

All I could say was "Way to go Jay!" and have him give me a high five! Hahaha!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Whoops ... dropped the ball again ...

Well said by my friend Hope ... "Once Again -- I've completely dropped the ball on keeping up with this blog. It seems my days are spent in small increments... increments that a quick Facebook status update can fill, but a blog entry intimidates. (*sigh*)" So lets see ... what the best way to update whats happened ...

A couple of funny things Jay has said or done in the last month ....

Jay and I were over at Allyson's house and they were wrestling on her bed when Ally took off one of Jay's socks. Jay looks at her and with a somewhat shocked look on his face says "Hey duuude! That's MY sock!" ... totally made us giggle a little bit.

Jay cracked 8 eggs into our salad bowl and when I walked into the kitchen to see what he was getting into, he looks at me with a sparkle in his eye and says "I'm cooking mom!" ... Havent decided if hes a baker like his mommy, or a chef like his daddy. I guess time will tell!

Bella, the little girl that is living with us (with her parents as well, obviously) was crying and throwing a fit about something in the front room while Jay and I were in the kitchen baking peanut butter cookies for daddy, when out of no where Jay yells "BELLA! Stop it!" and then growls/grunts under his breath. I seriously couldn't help but laugh! He sounded just like his daddy right then!

Bella was sitting on the couch with her dad and Jay came up to her, and asked her if she wanted to run. Bella looked at him like he was crazy and Jay says "run! Watch!" and started running circles around the dining room table. He came back and said "Bella, wanna run!?" with expectant little eyes and an open mouth like he was all excited. She jumped down and started running around the table with him. She's a little bit shorter then Jay so it's cute to see her try to keep up with him :)

I was laying on the bed one morning with my hands on my tummy when Jay walked in. He climbed up on the bed and asked "mommy, what are you doing?". I explained to him that his baby sister was moving around a lot that morning and that I could feel her every now and then. I then asked him if he would like to feel her move. He looked at me like I was crazy and moved about as far away from me on the bed as he could and said "eeewww, no!". I laughed and then tried to explain to him that once upon a time he was also in mommies tummy and he gave me that "You're crazy" look again and "Nooo. Not me!"

Jayden has the whole "awwww" thing down to a T ... tone, inflection of voice and everything! It's so gosh darn cute! Any time that it can be used, he uses it. And every time it surprises me at how well he uses it!

Brandon and I took Jay to "Month of the Military Child Celebration" at a park on base. Jay was so excited to see the fire trucks and ride a Polizei motorcycle and jump in the big jumpy houses. I asked him if he wanted to get his face painted and got SO excited and said "YEAH!" So he and I went to the face painting tent. After waiting in line for about 10 minutes it was finally our turn. Jay was a little nervous about having something put on his face so he looks at me and says "You first mommy". I wasnt planning on getting anything painted on my face, but I figured "eh, what can it hurt? At least it can show Jay that it doesnt hurt" so I got a little butterfly painted on my face. Once it was done I told Jay it was his turn. He looks at me, looks at the lady who was doing the painting and says "ummm, on my arm. not my face". Little stinker ... so he got a snake painted on his arm instead. It was very cute though :)

I'm sure there has been more that he has said or done this month and a half but this pregnancy brain is really kicking my butt. I can't seem to remember much of anything lately! haha. So I will *really* try my best to remember to blog things AS THEY HAPPEN! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jayden's 3 Year Check-Up

On the 15th of March Jay had his 3 year check up. I had talked up his appointment for about a week before so he was really excited to go by the time the day arrived. 

Jay has been playing shy lately with people he doesn't know, which is very weird for me since up until lately hes been so not shy! lol. Give him a few minutes with anyone though and he warms right up so its usually not a problem. 

First we did Jays weight (38.5 pounds which is the 95th percentile) and height (39.5 inches tall which is the 89th percentile) in the hallway before we went into the exam room. When the nurse brought us into the room he sat very quietly on my lap and just watched the nurse do her thing. Every now and then he would look up at me and ask me a question, usually about what the nurse was doing or about the band aid on her hand, but other then that he just and watched her.

When she was done on the computer she came over to Jay and showed him her blood pressure cuff. It was the smallest blood pressure cuff I have ever seen, it was so cute! Jay looked at her with a look on his face that seemed to say "Ok, thats nice. Now what?" She asked nicely if he could take off hsf his shirt so she could use it and he confidently said no and moved as far away from her as he could while staying on my lap. It took her and I about 3 minutes to convince him to take just his arm out and showing him what the cuff did and he finally agreed to. He sat and watched her, with his arm gently out stretched the whole time, almost like he didnt trust her, lol. She then checked his pulse and he still sat there, just watching, not saying a word to her until she finished. When she finally walked back to the computer he looked up to me and said "All done mommy?" with his big brown eyes and his very quiet voice. I quietly told him "No, the doctor still has to come in" and he heavily sighed and said "Ok".

The nurse left and a few minutes later the doctor came in. Again, Jay was very quiet and playing shy. She sat in her chair and rolled over to Jay and I and started asking him questions:

Dr: "Hi Jayden, how are you today?"
Jay: *blank stare*

Dr: "How old are you?"
Jay: *looks at me, and then blankly back at her*

Dr: *holding up two fingers* "Are you this old?"
Jay: *blank stare*

Dr: "Do you know how many this is?"
Jay: *blank stare*

Dr: "What color is your shirt sweetie?"
Jay: *looks at me, and hides half his face from her*

Dr: *looks at me* "Is he usually this quiet?"
Me: *laughs* oh no, not usually. He's typically the chatter box and wont stop talking or asking questions!
Dr: "Thats pretty normal. He's right at the age where shyness starts"

She then asked to lay him on his back so she could check his stomach. Jay didnt like not being able to sit on my lap, but he co-operated very well and did as we asked. She then began to gently push on his stomach in random places (well, random to me probably, lol) to check things out. Well Jay didn't like this too much and quickly puffed out his stomach to make it harder for her to push and prod. I secretly laughed, I couldn't help it! She smiled and asked me "Is his father stubborn?". I laughed out loud and said "oh yes, both of us are stubborn, so you can only imagine how stubborn HE is!"

She then had him stand up and asked if it was ok to take off his pants and undies to check ... his manly area. ;) I said it was fine. She started to un-button his pants and he very quickly grabbed his pants and said "NO! My pants!". I quietly giggled and offered to pull them down for her all the while explaining to Jay why were pulling his pants down in front of a stranger. (I'm always telling Jay to keep his clothes on while we're in public and that strangers don't want to see him naked - he is quite the nudist!). Jay reluctantly agreed and let me pull down his pants. The doctor then started to check Jays ... manly area ;) and Jay did not like that at all! He was very quick to push her hand away, lol. Thankfully the doctor had already checked everything she needed to so Jay was very happy to be able to pull his pants back up. lol. She then checked his ears, eyes, nose and mouth. He wouldn't say "Aaaah" for her when he would open his mouth so she ended up having to use a tongue compressor and he wasnt very happy about that and he tried to bite it, lol. She said he looked healthy and that she would take my word on that he was more talkative at home but that Jay needed one shot today but then after that we would be good to go. I thanked her for her time and she walked out the door. "All done mommy?" Jay asked me once she left. "No sweetie, one more nurse has to come in and then we can go". He gave out yet another heavy, dramatic sigh and said "k".

The next nurse came in and we took Jay's arm out of his sleeve again so he could get his shot. She had me sit Jay on my lap but have him face me so that he wouldn't see the needle coming. When I saw her coming with the needle, I gently grabbed Jay's cheeks in my hands and got real close to him and said "I love you sweetie". I do this all the time to him so I'm sure he didn't think much of it. Jay was just in the middle of saying it back when he got this expression on his face of total shock. His eyes got all big and his mouth got a big "O". He looked at his arm, saw the needle in it and started to try and flick it away with his other hand. I felt so bad! The nurse was quick and efficient, so that was nice. Jay cuddled up to me and wrapped his arms around my neck and whined a little, but hardly cried though! He was such a big boy! "All done mommy?! All done!?". I had never been more thankful to tell him yes, we were all done!

Jays reward: A sucker and a sticker from the nurse and an ice cream cone from Papa after we got home. He was so excited about the ice cream he forgot which arm hurt when he tried to tell papa about the ouchie he got, lol.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Let's Fight!"

Every week we have Sunday family dinner at my parents house. The whole family doesnt always show up (usually that happens once or maybe twice a month) but there is usually a good number of us present. I love family dinners and I honestly, truly miss them when I'm at my house in Germany. So these last few weeks that I've been home I've been cherishing the Sunday dinners :) Something exciting is always happening on any given Sunday!

So let me do a quick clarification: "Wrestling", in almost any family, is with the whole body and usually involves rolling around on the floor with grunts and laughs between the boys. "Fighting", to the younger boys in our family, is doing punches. These punches are generally around the chest area but usually make no physical contact. I say "usually" because , like any boys, sometimes there is, lol. The parents usually discourage "fighting" because someone always ends up crying.

A few Sunday's ago, my nephew Gavin, who is 4, started to try and wrestle with his brother, Xander, who is 2 1/. Xander wasn't really appreciating the brotherly love and started to protest. Since I was sitting right there, I said "Gavin, go see if Jayden wants to wrestle. He loves wrestling with you so I'm sure he'll be up for it. He's in the kitchen with Grandma, go ask him". So Gavin quickly ran off, yelling on the way "Jayden! Jayden! Let's wrestle" and it was quickly followed with "Ok!" from Jayden. And being the boys they are, they started wrestling right where they were standing. I walked into the kitchen and told the boys to go wrestle in the front room where there was carpet and the ottoman that they could wrestle on without really hurting each other, so they both ran out of the kitchen on their ways to the front room.

I turned to my mom to start talking to her when I hear, coming from the front room "Jayden, let's fight!". And the next thing I hear is Gavin screaming crying! A few seconds later my brother in law comes running into the kitchen carrying Gavin in his arms ... who has a bloody nose and is getting blood all over himself. "What happened!?" my mom and I both ask. Peter responds "Gavin asked Jay to fight, so Jay punched him right in the nose!" I could hardly believe it! "Oh boy" my mom and I both said at the same time. Everyone was quiet when Peter asked Gavin "I guess you're not going to ask Jayden to fight again, huh?" "Ut-uh" with a head shake was all the response Gavin would give.

Gavin's nose bled for maybe 5 minutes, Jay told Gavin that he was sorry and gave him a hug, Gavin said it was ok, and they were back to being best friends. Only boys could become best friends again so quickly! Girls would surely hold a grudge for at least an hour! lol.